The Moneypaper Inc. has been guiding independent investors since its inception in 1981. Our company was originally established to broaden investing activity among women. Later, we began providing a means for all individuals to invest directly without a broker.

The Moneypaper Inc. is a leading publisher of investment literature and was one of the earliest advocates of direct investment plans (DSPPs, DRPs, or DRIPs). For almost twenty five years, The Moneypaper Inc. has been providing quality investment products and services to an ever-growing individual investor community. And as the company continues to evolve with the market environment, its products also continue to evolve, always meeting the strict standards it requires for its customers.

The Moneypaper Inc. and its affiliate, Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc., are pioneers in helping individual investors bypass traditional financial professionals.

The Temper Enrollment Service is provided by Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc., ("Temper"), a registered broker dealer, member NASD, SIPC. Temper does not make investment recommendations, nor does it make a market in any securities. It's sole function is to open DRIP accounts for Moneypaper subscribers and DRIP Club Members as well as members of the general public. The Moneypaper Inc. (www.moneypaper.com) is the publisher of The Moneypaper, Direct Investing, and the Guide to Direct Investment Plans. The Moneypaper and Temper are affiliated companies.

The MP 63 Fund (DRIPX) is based on an index designed to track the performance of a group of high-quality industry leaders that represent the universe of companies that offer DRIPs. The MP 63 Fund helps self-reliant investors achieve diversification in DRIP stocks. This fund has a Morningstar five-star rating. The fund is co-managed by The Moneypaper Inc. (www.moneypaper.com) President, Vita Nelson and The Moneypaper Executive Editor, David Fish. See the prospectus at www.MP63fund.com.